How to Use Online Poker RNG Secrets

Although online poker is a game of luck and chance, it is a game that you can win if you learn how to manipulate the online poker RNG to your advantage.

Online poker is a game of absolutely pure random chance, so no amount of studying and discovering the formulas and algorithms of the RNG will make you a winning player. However, there are ways to increase your chances of winning, or at least not losing too much of your money.

  1. Learn the derives from the generator how online poker sites RNG works. Several online poker sites share the same amount of decks, so basically the same thing applies here. Rouse the online poker RNG to your advantage, and you will shortly realize that the game as usually played is consisting of less decks, and therefore a greater chance of your cards stand a better chance of winning, as opposed to playing with a full slate.
  2. Attempt to keep your online poker RNG online poker steady clock. Avoid lags, freezes, and reconnections. Internet is a very fast changing environment, so checking and reconnecting often is a bad idea.
  3. Play with a free roll poker online game that doesn’t charge to load, so you can always sit in and play a game of poker whenever you want with no consequences whatsoever. Some free roll sites are focused only on cash games, which means that you can choose to play for free or for real money. Since many of these sites fund their operations through sponsorships and Ad revenue, it is quite profitable for these sites to have a very high traffic influx, so they will be more than willing to invest in your game and help you grow a bankroll.
  4. Learn how to play solid poker, and more importantly, do not get influenced by the hype. No matter how slick the marketing is, solid poker is not flashy, and quite often those slick marketers are only after the high rollers. Learn to stick to your game and play only good poker.
  5. Perhaps the most important of all, is to never give up. 7Meter is a like a sport, in that your goal should not be to constantly win, but to consistently win. There is no possible way to make a quick score in poker, so stop if you are not winning. Go to the bar and have a drink, or better, try to explain the why’s behind your bad hand in poker, and why you lost, or why you ran out of the pot, but ultimately, you need to stop, or return to your family for the night.
  6. Poker is not a game of emotion. When you get bad beats, or you get a bad run of cards, you should not feel bad or get paranoid about it. Such observations are your entry ticket to a winning mindset. After all, statistically one out of ten hands you will get a bad run of cards. If you can successfully convert your bad run of cards into winning hands, your bankroll will increase quite nicely over time.
  7. Finally, manage your bankroll. If you only have a hundred dollars with you at a time, it is important to know that you have a hundred in front of you as the bankroll stake. Make sure that at every level of your game you move up, you increase the amount of your bet quickly, so that you don’t become short stacked too quickly.

The tips above are key to managing your poker bankroll and to giving you the discipline to stay in the game and try to take away the winnings as soon as possible. But, if you want to win more than anything else than being mean to your opponents, you have to stick to your discipline and control. Poker is mean and tough, but you must teach yourself to be mean to the right people and not the other players.