Five Sorting Ways to Choose Lottery Numbers

When you ask someone how he chooses his lottery numbers, they might say they have a lucky number or they guess their favorite date or anniversary. But did you know that most people have the same number or digit combination? It’s actually very easy to figure out, provided you know the five sorts of numbers and how to sort them which will make it easier.

Sorting numbers is a technique that made me 20% of all my money one year, all from the simple act of not picking the wrong number. sorts. When you remove the unnecessary options, the chances of winning a prize goes up significantly – especially when picking a winning number combination that is both random and unique.

These are the five sorts of lottery numbers to choose:

  1. Random ones

How many times have you had a long distance dewatogel call you and offer to give you a free line number book? They might offer to sell you a million lines, but then you buy just one. Similarly, when you choose your lottery numbers you have to choose ones that are random. So how do you come up with some random numbers? Any number is fine, but it’s better to use an even number for the first ten times. In the following ten, switch to a low number.

  1. Sequence numbers

How many times have you sat in a waiting room and watched people get up and leave. You wondered why they left, and why you didn’t, but then you realise they must have had a break and must be going back. They could be gettingjuice! Well, when you pick your lottery numbers, it’s better to remove those odd or even numbers and just stick to even or odd numbers. It’s much better to win than have to share!

  1. Sequence and spread

Just like numbers in the real world, some numbers sequence more than others and some don’t. Some numbers only win small prizes and others win the jackpot. It’s all about trying to cover as many possibilities as you can. When you remove the least likely options, the chances will be much greater.

  1. Swipe right and/or left

If you ever purchased a ticket in the lotto, you will know that some people just mark their tickets in a random fashion and walk away. What we’re trying to say here is, if you ever have a choice to pick between two options, it’s better to have the option to pick the one that you are least likely to have to pick.

  1. Use lucky dips

For years I’ve used a lucky dip computer program to pick my winning lottery numbers. Now I’m not just talking about when I was in college, because I actually used to do it so I could save my college books. What I’m talking about is, why don’t you use a random numbers generator to at least generate a quick pick for your numbers. We’ve got enough people in common that we might be able to pull off a nice publicity and marketing scheme. After all, we’re only fighting one big battle.

I know one whole Dr. Thorp would be enough to handle this battle. (If you don’t mind the pun.) I suggest you all do a little fundraising and buy a lottery ticket for this battle. (Or even just one for fun.)